Please select or click a class below for its studio location and class description. All classes include warm-up, muscle-specific stretches, isolation work and cool-down.

The Fitness Center offers New Member Orientations designed to get you back into exercising and acquaint you with our equipment. Schedule this appointment with a fitness instructor.

We’re a place of work and performance where you learn new skills, improve yourself, become stronger, faster, fitter, and leaner. We have foam rollers, dowelling rods, massage balls and stretch straps which we use every session.

  • We have two long chin-up bars that we had prefabricated and set into the roof.
  • We have lots of Kettle bells perfect for helping strengthen shoulder girdle stability.
  • We have four lifting platforms for Barbell work.

We have our own juice bar on the premises selling our smoothie of the day. It’s the perfect supplement, the one you probably wouldn’t make for yourself at home.

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